Chinese New Year 2018

The Chinese New Year is celebrated this year on February 16th to coincide with the lunar year.  In Chinese astrology we arecoming into the year of the dog.

At La Meridienne we will be holding a small celebration of the Chinese New Year by running a Chinese themed menu priced at 20€ on Friday February 16th


Happy New Year! 2018 is here and I hope you have a healthy, prosperous year.

We are having a fairly slow start to the year at La Meridienne, in terms of not a lot planned for january.  We normally take time off in january but this year we are continuing to work although we will take two days off each week – monday and tuesday.

February, however, could be a different matter.  We have written the menu for St Valentine’s on february 14th.  It is a wednesday this year, an evening that we would normally close but rest assured we will be open for our St Valentine Special.

Almost immediately after St Valentine’s we have the Chinese New Year.  Friday February 16th will see the celebrations for Chinese New Year.  We are going to offer a special menu alongside our regualr menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

One of our goals this year will be to get more people to book tables in advance rather than leaving it to the last minute – so you could help us by thinking about booking St Valentine’s and Chinese New Year