Summer 2020

The summer has arrived, the sky is blue and warm days are here. It is, however, likely to be a very different summer!

Since re-opening on June 2nd we have increased our indoor capacity slightly – we have found space to add an extra table for 4 people. All our tables are at least 1 metre apart, whether it be inside or outside. The current legislation also states that if you are moving about in the restaurant ie. waiting to be seated, visiting the bathroom etc you must wear a face mask. You must also, as much as possible, maintain a distance of more than 1 metre from us. For this reason we have closed off the area by the bar and will come to your table to handle payment.

The great news is that we have now put in our menu for the summer. There is a range of tapas, salads and main dishes. We have also introduced a “Planche Apero” – ideal to share with a friend over a glass of wine. Here is a link to the menu
Have a great summer and stay safe!

St Valentin

La St Valentin, vendredi le 14 février,est l’occasion pour vous de passer une soirée spéciale avec nous au restaurant.  Nous avions prévu de créer un restaurant «pop-up» chez nous mais nous avons dû changer nos plans.

Le restaurant sera ouvert le vendredi soir de la Saint-Valentin et nous vous servirons un menu spécial.   Le menu peut également être disponible le samedi 15 mais nous ne pouvons garantir cela à ce moment.

Il y a la possibilité d’ajouter un cours supplémentaire de St Jacques panés avec des poireaux enrobés de nori pour 5 € supplémentaires.

La réservation est indispensable, ce qui peut se faire depuis la page Bookings de ce site.