The news has been good from the French government and bars and restaurants have been authorised to re-open from Tuesday 2 june 2020.

There are a number of new regulations which we will all have to observe. Tables must be at least 1 metre apart, so we have had to reduce the number of customers that we can accept. In the main body of the restaurant we have 3 tables set for a total of 8 customers. In the small room we have 2 tables of two and outside we have a table for 4 and two tables of 2.

If you enter the restaurant you must wear a mask over your mouth and nose. This can be removed once you are sat at the table. There is also a one-way system in the restaurant, so you will leave by a different door to the one you entered through. Hydroalcoholic gel is available for you to use.

We have produced a new menu and hope to expand it and change it as we progress through the summer. We are still offering our very popular take away service.

Here is a link to our current menu